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General Supervisor's Word

 In the name of of Allah the Merciful  

 The establishment of the branch of King Saud University in Al-Muzahimiyah came in accordance with the directives of the rulers - may God protect them - with the need to expand higher education in the disciplines that meet the needs of the Kingdom in general and the regions and governorates in particular from qualified scientific cadres with the information and skills needed by the labor market in its public and private sectors.

The directives of officials in the Ministry of Higher Education, headed by His Excellency the Minister and his deputy, and the support, follow-up and continuous support that the faculties in the branch received from His Excellency the Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Badran Al-Omar, had a significant impact on its advancement and establishment.

The directives were that the programs offered at the university branch should be of a distinguished nature, limited to specific disciplines that would greatly increase the need for them and increase employment opportunities for its graduates, by the grace of God.

With God’s help, the branch will start providing applied scientific disciplines related to science and technology in three faculties: engineering, computer and information sciences, and business administration.

Those in charge of the educational process of these disciplines seek to be a distinct model in which the theoretical and technical aspects are balanced with an applied methodology that takes into account the student’s practice of what he has learned in the labor market, in addition to involving decision-makers and specialists in the labor market in the educational process, while ensuring academic cooperation with Universities and industrial facilities with experience in the applied technology field inside and outside the Kingdom.

The university has decided that the admission of students to these colleges, starting from the preparatory year, should be in numbers that gradually increase based on the available absorptive capacity in a manner that serves the educational process and ensures its success.

D. Fahad Abdullah Al Turki  
General Supervisor of the University Colleges Al-Muzahimiyah Branch

About Colleges




   Pioneering the basic sciences and their applications to build a knowledge society, providing a stimulating research environment to develop the best competencies in the fields of scientific research, and preparing distinguished research that enriches theoretical and applied knowledge, and meets the needs of various sectors of society.  



Providing advanced study programs and research projects in basic sciences and their applications that contribute to providing the community with knowledge and trained cadres through a stimulating environment for learning, education and creative scientific research while ensuring continuous quality and optimal use of technology, and building an effective community partnership.

 Our Strategic Objectives



  • Continuous ambition for educational and research excellence.


  • Expanding human knowledge and understanding.


  • Excellence with integrity and the belief that nothing is impossible.


  • Work as a team, help each other and sacrifice for common goals. 


  • Concentrate the college's energy and resources to foster cutting-edge and innovative research that faces real challenges.


  • Belief in human ability and creativity.


  • Strengthening creativity in our graduates.


  • Promote individual and institutional integrity

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